Watson & Son

Premium quality, New Zealand produced Manuka Honey. Watson and Son specialises in the production of premium Manuka Honey. Situated in the Wairarapa region of New Zealand, Watson & Son has over forty thousand beehives placed in some of the most remote and pristene mono-floral Manuka areas of New Zealand. In producing Manuka Honey, Denis Watson the founder of Watson and Son is following in the footsteps of his Maori ancestors. A proud descendant of the Chief Kahungunu, he considers the honey a taonga or "treasure" of our land.

Quarantine WA Import Requirements restricts the online sale of Watson & Son Manuka Honey products to customers in Western Australia.

Black Label Manuka Honey

Premium quality, NZ produced Manuka honey. Honey produced from the Manuka plant contains Methylglyoxal (MGO) a naturally occurr...